Сборник - Sonic Sound System 5 (2CD)

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Сборник - Sonic Sound System 5 (2CD)
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Формат: CD
Тип упаковки: Jewel box
Исполнитель: Сборник
Стиль: Trance
Жанр: Сборник
Дистрибьютор: Traum Baum
Лейбл: Nano Records
Дата релиза: 11-08-2017
Производство: Европа
Срок комплектации: до 30 рабочих дней
EAN: 4250250407678

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The Nano engine has been busier then ever, burrowing deeper and deeper into all realms of psychedelia, constantly unearthing fresh sounds to share with avid music connoisseurs and heaving dance floors around the world. The machine now pulls into the pit-lane for a split nano-second to assess and select some of its finest findings from recent months and bundle them up into an all enthralling aural experience packed full of psychedelic goodness. Expertly compiled and laid out into a golden laced journey by Nano's head artisan, Regan, with over two hours of sonic gems to keep you rocking on and on... Enjoy the ride!
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