Tarja - The Brightest Void

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Tarja - The Brightest Void
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Формат: CD
Тип упаковки: Jewel box
Исполнитель: Tarja
Стиль: Рок
Жанр: Альбом
Дистрибьютор: Traum Baum
Лейбл: Earmusic
Дата релиза: 24-06-2016
Производство: Европа
Срок комплектации: до 30 рабочих дней
EAN: 4029759110729

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1.No Bitter End - Video Clip Version
2.Your Heaven and Your Hell - with Michael Monroe
3.Eagle Eye - with Chad Smith on Drums
4.An Empty Dream
5.Witch Hunt
7.House of Wax
9.Paradise (What About Us) (New Mix)

In Spring 2016, Tarja took everyone by surprise and announced not only one but two (!) heavy rock albums. With over 50 minutes of brand new music, "The Brightest Void" - the prequel and a full album on it's own - will lead the way and sweeten the wait to the new studio album "The Shadow Self" in August. Tarja's incredible creative urge and incredible musical output shows on both musical releases which - even though being entwined with and inspired by each other - can be seen as two independent records which stand on their own. "The Brightest Void" and "The Shadow Self" are unpredictable - in the best sense of the word - and leave you surprised after each and every song. They amaze with their original ideas, heavy guitar riffs, a high class production as well as crystal clear sound - both albums were mixed by British producer and audio engineer extraordinaire Tim Palmer in Austin, Texas (Pearl Jam, U2) - and of course, Tarja's incredible vocal range. Tarja herself describes both albums as her heaviest to date - to which one can only nod and agree.