Sorcerer - In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross

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Sorcerer - In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross
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Формат: CD
Тип упаковки: Jewel box
Исполнитель: Sorcerer
Стиль: Неопределен
Жанр: Альбом
Дистрибьютор: Traum_Baum
Лейбл: Metal Blade
Дата релиза: 23-03-2015
Производство: Европа
Наличие: Под заказ (Срок ожидания до 30 рабочих дней)
EAN: 0039841537529

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1.The Dark Tower of the Sorcerer
2.Sumerian Script
3.Lake of the Lost Souls
4.Exorcise the Demon
5.In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
6.Prayers for a King
7.The Gates of Hell
8.Pagans Dance

Sorcerer formed in Stockholm in 1988 by when they recorded their first demo. In 1992 the band had recorded their second and final demo before founding member Johnny Hagel left the band to join Tiamat. In 1995, three years after the band had split up, John Perez of Solitude Aeturnus released both demo tapes on CD through his label Brain ticket Records. The band was reformed in 2010 to simply perform a one off show that would include members of Therion, Feared, The Haunted and Six Feet Under ripping out Sorcerer classics! The show was a huge success and garnered the band an invitation to play the Up The Hammers Festival in Greece. After another extremely successful outing, the idea of putting together a new album started to take form. With years of professional experience and top-class instrumental abilities among it's band members the Sorcerer of the 21st century is determined to deliver epic doom metal for many years to come, on record and on stages all around the world.

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