Sonny Rollins - The Prestige Years (5CD)

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Sonny Rollins - The Prestige Years (5CD)
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Формат: CD
Тип упаковки: BoxSet
Исполнитель: Sonny Rollins
Стиль: Неопределен
Жанр: Альбом
Дистрибьютор: Soyuz Import
Лейбл: Enlightenment Series
Дата релиза: 02-02-2015
Производство: Европа
Наличие: Под заказ (Срок ожидания до 30 рабочих дней)
EAN: 0823564644721

Sonny Rollins - The Prestige Years (5CD) купить альбом на диске

1.The Way You Look Tonight 5:15
2.I Want to Be Happy 7:44
3.The Stopper 3:00
4.Almost Like Being in Love 3:26
5.No Moe 3:32
6.In a Sentimental Mood 3:21
7.Scoops 2:16
8.With a Song in My Heart 3:09
9.Newk S Fadeaway 3:15
10.Time on My Hands 2:43
11.This Love of Mine 2:27
12.Shadrack 2:35
13.On a Slow Boat to China 2:41
14.Mambo Bounce 2:25
15.I Know 2:32
16.Moving Out 4:27
17.Swingin for Bumsy 5:45
18.Silk N Satin 3:58
19.Solid 6:25
20.More Than You Know 10:47
21.There S No Business Like Show Business 6:18
22.Paradox 4:56
23.Raincheck 5:58
24.There Are Such Things 9:28
25.It S All Right with Me 6:06
26.I Remember You 3:07
27.My Melancholy Baby 2:45
28.Old Folks 2:53
29.They Can't Take That Away from Me 3:00
30.Just Friends 2:48
31.My Little Suede Shoes 2:48
32.Star Eyes 9:06
33.I Ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face 4:50
34.Kids Know 11:35
35.St Thomas 6:43
36.You Don't Know What Love Is 6:24
37.Strode Rode 5:11
38.Moritat 10:03
39.Blue Seven 11:08
40.Ee-Ah 6:55
41.B. Quick 9:13
42.B. Swift 5:18
43.The House I Live in 9:24
44.Sonny Boy 8:21
45.Valse Hot 8:35
46.Kiss and Run 7:07
47.I Feel a Song Comin on 5:13
48.Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep 2:28
49.Pent Up House 8:50
50.Tenor Madness 12:13
51.When Your Lover Has Gone 6:10
52.Paul S Pal 5:09
53.My Reverie 6:05
54.The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 5:33
55.Two Different Worlds 7:37
56.My Ideal 4:20

This 5 CD set contains all 10 LPs Sonny Rollins made for Prestige Records, in their entirety, beginning with his collaboration with Theolonius Monk and The Modern Jazz Quartet, and moving through his classic works as leader of some of the finest Jazz combos ever to record together.

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